Leben Hi-Fi Stereo Company is a Japanese manufacturer of tube amplification.
The designer and owner of Leben is Mr. Taku Hyodo who is ranked as one of the best eight tube audio design engineers in Japan.
Mr. Hyodo is highly experienced Hi-Fi engineer having worked for Luxman in the past, and is also a good player of guitar and some different musical instruments (In fact, he once was a professional guitarist).
He is also a collector of premium tubes such as 3CSS, 12AT7, E288CC, 6L6GC (5881), all of which are (will be) used in Leben amplifiers at their best capabilities based on Leben’s technology.

Sistemas de sonido de alta fidelidad y amplificadores

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audio hifi

Leben CS-300XS

Amplificador Integrado

Leben CS-600X
Amplificador Integrado
Leben RS-28CX
Preamplificador de Linea
Leben RS-30EQ
Pre de Phono MM
Leben CS-300F
Amplificador Integrado
Leben CS1000p
Power Stereo